• Aluminum Entry

    Available in Single or Pairs

  • Hollow Metal

    Available in Single or Pairs

  • Vault Flood Doors

    Flood Doors for Utility

  • Flood Glass Barriers

    Looks like a rail ... works as a flood barrier


Aluminum Entry

Aluminum EntryAluminum and glass storefront Flood Doors for commercial building applications have been long sought after, and are difficult to build. Savannah flood protection has built and tested a specially constructed, water resistant, custom aluminum door, with specialized glazing, designed to hold back up to 60 inches of water… and limits seepage to just 10 GPH, making this door very water resistant. Optional sidelights are also available

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Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow Metal DoorsFlood Door and Hollow metal doors are now one. When you need instant Flood Protection, with no time to install a flood barrier this is your solution.

Flood doors by Savannah Flood Protection are tested to 60 inches of flood water protection, becoming a Silent Sentry giving you 24-7 protection.

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Vault Style Flood Doors

Vault Flood DoorsHeavy duty flood protection when needed is custom-built for specific water depth pressures. Also used for building openings and flood - walls openings. Savannah Flood Protection can furnish Engineers SeLed Calculations to support design capacity.

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Flood Railing BarriersFlood Resistant Glass Railings are ideal when an ornamental, see-thru design works for the application. Here we Show a building-perimeter design for an existing building. ... and also.... A patio being protected against a rising creek by a rock wall with opening where the glass barrier adds architectural quality and openness, allowing a view of the creek and adjacent landscaping.

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